Impress Moskow girls with your manners

No matter how charming and irresistible a man thinks he is, it will not be enough to get a woman’s attention. Attractive appearance will give you bonus points and help to make a positive impression, but when the first impression is done other aspects take over. Talking through a Moskow dating agency is one thing, but meeting in person is another and much more important. Not all men are aware of women’s subtlety and analytical capabilities. There are some obvious points that Moskow girls pay attention to when meeting men.

10 things a man should be ready for

1. Handshake. That is your first physical contact which tells a girl if she ever wants to touch you again. A wet fish handshake makes the worst impression. So, mind it when taking her hand into yours. Your handshake should be firm and confident.

2. Eye contact. Did you know that Moskow girls could read your mind simply looking into your eyes? Now you know. So, when meeting a lady do not give her indecent stares and never look at other women in her presence. Feel happy to look directly at her and she will not get annoyed.

3. Shoes. Whatever you wear – sneakers, wing tips or sandals, make sure they are clean and tidy. It will be even better, if you invest in some new footwear. Remember, Moskow girls notice nice shoes.

4. Dressing style. Good outfits will increase your prospects in the eyes of a girl. It does not need to be expensive, but stylish, neat and ironed.

5. Good manners. These include paying for your lady in a restaurant, opening the front door for her, listening attentively to what she says and smiling happily.

6. Your attitude to the kids. Women always observe thoroughly how you treat kids. Do not forget that they are mothers inside. So, it is an important factor for women of Moskow if you are kid-friendly.

7. Confidence. It is attractive to every woman, as it highlights all positive aspects of your personality. The way you look at a girl, communicate with her, express your views, as well as interact with other people around you, – all this influences woman’s impression of you. Be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance.

8. Conversation. Your manner of speaking, words you use and remarks you make – all registers in a girl’s mind. That is why you should exclude all inappropriate words from your speech and never talk humiliating about anyone. Make your conversation a dialogue. If you speak all along without giving your lady an opportunity to open her mouth, be prepared to hear her farewell goodbye after you have stopped.

The dating rule

Never take a girls for granted. Even the fact that you have been corresponding with her for several months does not ensure that you got her. It is too early to relax. Remember that even celebrities get rejected sometimes.