Lviv women – Leisure time

Many Lviv women go in for sport. Among the most popular is yoga. Women in Lvov consider this activity a great way to improve their fitness, increase flexibility and reduce stress.

The second place goes to swimming. One third of girls from Lvov dating agencies attend the swimming pool on a regular basis, making this activity an integral part of their lifestyles, while more than a half of the ladies prefer swimming from time to time. Lviv girls say that swimming does real wonders to their bodies, which can be proved by their pictures.

Some ladies prefer attending the gym and using exercise equipment. However, many girls confess that they feel quite uneasy in a gym, so more often they simply join classes, like stretching, dancing, fitball and others.

Running or jogging is another sports activity that women take on. Girls who practice it say that running regularly is not only good for physical shape, but a great opportunity to run away from one’s problems and thoughts for some time.

They compare running with freedom.
Horseback riding is also becoming popular. Everyone loves these awesome animals, though not everyone will dare mount a horse. Some girls make this activity their hobby and spend each weekend in the saddle.

Creative activities

Lviv women are full of energy, creative ideas and inspiration that need to be shared. Apart from embroidery, stitching and knitting that women of Lvov are famous for, many of them also indulge into other creative passions.
Jewelry making is a completely feminine hobby. Girls find a real pleasure in creating unique and beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories. Usually women make jewelry for themselves or as memorable gifts for friends. However, it often becomes a good opportunity to earn some money.

Soap making is another hobby that brings joy to women who make it, as well as to those who buy or receive this luxurious product.

Also a lot of Lviv women today take a great interest in painting. No, they do not plan to become famous artists, though who can tell? In fact, girls state that they treat painting as a form of meditation or as a tool for relaxing and distressing.

Photography is a hobby that quite often turns into a profession. Girls start making pictures of nature, friends, home and food. Then learn how to make creative photography, buy professional equipment and begin to take orders for family or wedding photo shoots. That is why there are so many professional female photographers in Ukraine.

Tasty hobby

Men would be happy to know that there are many girls whose hobby is cooking. It might seem amazing that a stove and a pot could be girl’s best friends. However, lots of women treat cooking as an art and really enjoy their food experiments and new recipe experiences in the kitchen. By the way, for some ladies cooking is not only a hobby. Homemade cakes, cookies and pastries are in high demand among dessert people, so it is also a good option for a small business.