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Girls of Odessa stand apart from other Ukrainian ladies. This naturally owes to their cultural, as well as traditional background based on their location. Odessa is an unusual city, so people living here are also unusual. They have a more cheerful outlook on life, which influences their attitude towards other people and ongoing events. Besides, they are quite pragmatic in a positive way, talented in business and great negotiators. Mixture of cultures, yet a strong influence of Jewish tradition make ladies of Odessa dating agencies excellent cooks, perfect housewives and tender mothers.

Odessa Girls are tightly connected with their parents or siblings alike. Local families remind of Italian ones, the same joyful, happy, loud and friendly. Jokes are an integral part of their life, despite the goings-on around. Humor is a lifestyle and probably the most accurate identification of Odessits.

City of rest and relaxation
Odessa is a diverse city with rich cultural heritage and developed infrastructure. Everyone will find here something special and absolutely unique to satisfy their passion for travelling. This place is attractive not only for its views and the seaside. You will be astonished with a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, pizza houses where you can enjoy delicious meals. Apart from that, it offers a vivid nightlife with a large selection of dance clubs, cocktail bars, and live music pubs.

Sightseeing enjoyment
Many architectural monuments of the city are true pieces of art. The best European architects worked on creating a splendid image of Odessa. Each building is special and tells its own story, so you will not find two similar creatures. The look of the city was greatly influenced by French and Italian styles with a hint of Mediterranean charm. A mixture of different architectural trends, such as Classicism, Neo Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, make the city a truly unique cultural and architectural phenomenon.

Big love
You will not find in Odessa any person who does not love the sea. Those who do not, neither live here nor come here. Fine beaches that stretch along the coastline, city quays, berth restaurants, parks with amazing sea views are always full of visitors. The city natives confess that they cannot live inland, far from the sea. If such happens, they terribly miss the smell of salty air, the squawking of seagulls and the sound of crashing waves.

Capital of Humor
People of Odessa are as unique as their city. They have an incredible sense of humor, which is impossible to acquire. You have to be born with it. Probably, the humor gene is embedded in Odessits’ DNA or taken in with mother’s milk. Outstanding Ukrainian and Russian comic writers mostly originate from this place. However, any urban dweller could pass for an outstanding humorist, because their sense of fun, vibrant language and ability to create fantastic idioms, make their jokes absolutely brilliant and amusing.